27 Jul 2011

Getting married in Belgium

Let me first tell you something about getting married in Belgium. I know in America you can just get married in church and that would be a legal marriage. Not so in Belgium! Government and church are completely separate, so our pastor doesn't have any legal authority to declare you husband and wife.
This means you first have to get married in a city hall, and then you can optionally have a sermon in a church or wherever/whatever you like.

Jeff lives in Ghent, which is on about 2 hours driving distance from where my parents live, Hasselt. We are going to J's church so we decided to marry in that church. But I didn't want to have "nothing" of my marriage at my place! So we got married in the city hall of Hasselt.

Because it is such a long drive, we chose to get married in 2 parts, separating the legal and religious part. On the 8th of July (a friday) we got "legally wed" in  Hasselt, followed by a mini-party with our families! The next day we had the fairy tale wedding in church, with the big white gown and the flowers and all...

What does this mean?
Haha :)


And because I promised to share pictures in my next post, here is a picture of both days:

First day dress: we seem to lack a great picture at the moment hah! 
I'll have to ask Jeff for the pictures that my sister took :)

This is us in church, just before our vows... I think we both look so nervous haha!

Better pictures'll come when I get to doing the real recaps!




Dove of Snow said...

Awww you look so happy, both of you! And you were stunning in both dresses! How fun to get to have two dresses! I actually am unusual, in that I did have two weddings to the same man, much like you did! We had a civil ceremony (at the courthouse) and were legally wed, then 6 months later we had our "real" traditional wedding where I wore my big, white wedding gown! Fun! Show us more lovely photos! Please! :) - Rachel

Tatiana said...

Such cuteness! YAY!!! You have officially joined the married club! Congrats love! You made a beautiful bride, and I'm so very happy for the two of you!

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