26 Mar 2011

(Wedding) update!

So as of now it's only 107 days untill I'm a married woman. One of my friends, her name is Rachel, loves to say that to me every time she sees me, hah!

Right now we're sending our invitations, which is SO exciting! Now we can't go back or we would have to cancel all these people...
This is the picture we used for our invitations

My sister took some really cute pictures such as these ones:

but J. liked the first one better...

And I'm trying to prepare for marriage. How do we do that? By reading blogs, duh!!
I LOVE to read 
and by Brittany

Anyone some good sites I could read? 

And one of the side effects of all this: I am all for baby sites! Jeff probably doesn't like it, but I'm researching, reading blogs, looking at cute baby stuff in the stores... Yeah, it's really bad... But that's something that'll have to wait untill I'm at least in my last year of college!

Right now I'll just have to settle for this sweet little princess!

I'm sorry for the bad quality - it's J's cellphone!



christine donee said...

y'all are adorable!


Gretchen said...

Aw, I'm so excited for you! I know EXACTLY how you feel about already being in "baby-mode." I was the SAME way. Lol. I started bringing up the baby issue about a week after we got married. lol. Hubby took some time to come around as far as timetables go, but now I'm due in October! It goes by a LOT faster than you think!!!!

A Crock Pot is a slow-cooker that you plug into the wall. I imagine that if you had a converter you could use one in Belgium. In fact, you must be able to because my mom used hers all the time while we lived there. It's the BEST. You basically get your ingredients, put them all into the pot together (according to your recipe), set the timer and the heat setting, and go. It cooks everything FOR you, over a span of whatever time you need and the recipe calls for. They're really, really wonderful. I'm willing to be that if YOU got one (via Amazon or something like that...they have a UK store on their website!), you'd start a huge trend among your friends! lol.

Congrats on your engagement- you and your fiancé make a VERY handsome couple!

(and yes, I grew up learning French, but it's TERRIBLE now as I have no way to practice! lol It's very embarrassing! lol)

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