21 Sept 2010

My Engagement Story!

I've been so busy that I almost forgot about my blog!

Here's a picture of the ring :)

After my last exam on tuesday I left to Ghent to go to J. We were going on a little holiday to the Netherlands with his parents on wednesday, so we were going to take some time for just the two of us to be together on that tuesday.
When we were cuddling J. suddenly said: "hey, maybe we should go choose a ring, so I can propose whenever I want to and don't have to worry that you don't like the ring or that it doesn't fit."
I thought: o-oow, is he serious?
But he was! We only had 1 hour to get to the shop because it was nearly closing time. We had to run because J's father had left his car at church and we were supposed to pick it up before our trip. After a very stressful ride (traffic was just awful...) we jumped out of the car, ran to the shop and entered it at 10 minutes before closing time! Yes, I was REALLY stressing!!
I knew exactly which ring I wanted because we had stopped by the shop several times to watch the rings. It had to be made a little bit bigger so we had to return on saturday.

We left for our trip and came back on friday evening. Saturday I had my first make up class (more on that following soon!), so we were going to get the ring after that. Unfortunately, my class got cancelled because the teacher had an accident (nothing too serious, but bad enough to cancel the class!). I went to J's house and he wasn't there. I forgot my keys in my suitcase so I had to wait for him to return. For a moment I thought: "maybe he's going to get the ring?", but he said he had just gone to a friend of his and he wasn't acting suspicious at all, so I didn't think about it any longer.

In the afternoon we went walking around a big lake. 
When we had just become a couple, J had thrown a ring into that lake because I got it from an ex-boyfriend that had hurt me very much... I hadn't been able to take it off because I loved the ring and the memories that went with it. But J decided to end that chapter of my past and he threw it in the lake! (can you guess what will happen next? :))
So we were walking and when we had almost returned to the car, J asked if we could just sit down for a moment. We sat down and he said "do you remember what we did last year? We closed that chapter of your life and maybe it's ready to start a new one... I think we are made for each other and that we're going to have a great time! Maybe I should get on my knees now... *he kneeled* Honey, will you marry me?"
I said 'nouuuuuu', which means "well....." and started to cry :) And he said: did you say 'no?!' and started to laugh. I think I said yes 3 or 4 times and then cried some more. I believe I also said things like: "Oh my God, I don't know if we can do this... We can't just do this, can we?" But he said: sure we can, I love you!

I think that's about it :) Long story, but I loved how he asked me!
I hope you like it too!

See you soon!



Joke said...

Just read this. Awesome.

lilmoomoo said...

awww :)
that's sweet he wanted you to have a ring you would like!

I just hopped over from linking up my ring on cmae's bling bling link up!


Cait said...

how sweet :) your ring is so unique! i love it ! xo

Emily Powell said...

I LOVE your ring. I've never seen anything like it. So dainty and sweet!

Alyssa said...

Cute ring! So unique!

C Mae said...

I've never seen a ring like yours! Very unique and your story is so sweet! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to link up!!

Ruthie Hart said...

so sweet and special!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

I love how simple and dainty it is! I loved reading your story :) this was such a fun link up!

Kit said...

This is such a sweet story!!!

Unknown said...

It's gorgeous and so unique! I've never seen one like that!
Do you have a wedding band too? (I'm just wondering how they fit together!)

Patty said...

Beautiful! What a lovely story. Congrats :)

sofieV said...

Je hebt gelijk. We zijn ring-buddies! :)

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