22 Sept 2010


1. On the wedding:
I'm slowly trying to work out a plan. I've finished an estimated guest list and it contains about 200 people... Yes, I just said 200. We're trying to have this wedding with not too many costs, but that will be very hard with 200 guests!
Anyway, not to worry, we can do this ;)
Next week we're going to check out a possible venue that doesn't cost too much but looks interesting..

2. On my study:
I've made it to my second year of French and my third year of English! Next week my classes start again and I'm looking at which courses I'm going to partake in. I originally wanted to specialize in linguistics, but I've read some things about the classes and I think I prefer Literature... I'll have to think about it because I've always wanted to specialize in linguistics...

3. On my make-up course:
I'm taking a make-up course! And I'm loving it! It's just for 5 weeks, just the basics, but it's really something I love! After these 5 weeks I'll be able to make women happy... It's something I've wanted to do since I was still a kid.

4. My mother is in the hospital at the moment. She's had a slipped disk and has been struggling with that for over a year now. The docters decided to perform surgery on monday and we hope to have her back home on saturday. She's doing fine but she's still very tired...
I've taken over the household... It's a lot of work since my brother and sister aren't doing much to help.. Monday I'm leaving to Leuven so then they'll have to help out too ;)

5. My dad turned 50 yesterday, hooray :)
I made a cake but it wasn't very yummy I'm afraid haha! I just needed to try something new and it didn't taste great... Some people loved it but it missed something :) I'll try a new one soon...

I think that's about it... That's what I've been doing lately...
Not much at all, but sti


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