21 Jan 2014

38 week pregnancy update

How am I feeling?
I'm still alive and kicking and superlarge. I'm feeling great, really... Sleep is going great and I started taking evening walks with Mr.-Daddy-to-be to shake things up. My OBgyn sais everything is going perfect! I'm already 1.5cm dilated which is great. Only 8.5 to go!

I even went in for an extra check-up today because I've been having some pretty painful contractions and I already had an appointment with a physiotherapist. The monitor confirmed I'm having some rather strong contractions but they're still very irregular. It was acually pretty fun just laying on a bed for half an hour, listening to baby's heartbeat and seeing how the monitor was measuring the contractions! I'm a tad bit sad that it's not yet going full force but hey, I still have 2 more weeks to go. The sweet midwife said it could go fast now so if the pain gets any worse I should take a warm bath and then come back in to check my progress.

The appointment with the physiotherapist was really fun because the lady was so friendly and sweet and bubbly! It was like meeting with a friend - a friend that gave me a pretty nice back massage, hah! We just did a couple of relaxation exercises and some breathing techniques. If I'm not yet holding my baby by Thursday I'll also get a chance to try out the birthing tub so I know what to expect if I choose to use it during labor or the actual birth.

Weight gain?

How big is baby?
She weighs 3.5kg and is about 50cm.

Fun moment of the week?
Spending half an hour on the monitor and seeing that I'm not crazy - there's actually something happening in there!
And getting a visit from my friend Joke. She brought us FOUR meals to freeze so we don't have to think about food when the baby's born. Two portions of chilli (my favourite! She knows me so well :-) ), a portion of orange chicken and breakfast frittata muffins! Oh and a bag of cookies but somehow they got "lost" somewhere... Really babe, I have no clue where I put that bag of double chocolate cookies??


Joke said...

Ahhhhhhhh ZO spannend. Veel moed voor de laatste loodjes. En hihi, die koekjes! :) Ben blij dat je ze lekker vond! xxx

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

You are looking great mama!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

What a blessing to have friends bring freezer food!!

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