5 Jan 2014

36 week pregnancy update

 Taken after an emotional meltdown this week, don't judge haha!

How am I feeling?
My energy levels go up and back down again all through the day. I do think I can get a lot of stuff done once I'm having an energy burst! Over these last three weeks we've finished our bedroom, put a lot of furniture together, I've washed all of our baby clothes and gotten my bags ready for the hospital. It's getting pretty close now so I'm feeling very anxious.
I'm experiencing a lot of pelvic pain and I think baby has dropped a bit. Last friday I wasn't dilated yet so our OB/GYN said we would probably have some more days of rest but she also said it's impossible to predict anything when it comes to labor.
I think the anxiousness is the worst really. Knowing our baby could come any moment now, but it could also be another 5 weeks! It's driving me insane :-)

I feel like I'm stress-eating a lot. It doesn't matter what it is but I could eat all day long. This is such a bad habit!!

Weight gain?
16kg. The OB/GYN said I'll really have to watch my weight these next weeks because she's afraid I'll have trouble getting it back off. We'll see :-)

How big is baby?
Our doctor estimated baby girl is 49-50cm and weighs a whopping 3.380kg!! That would be a great birth weight but we still have about 4 weeks to go... She'll be a big baby but apparently it's very common in Jeff's family. I'm not really worried, I just don't want people to say she's heavy... Our world is a cruel one and I'm already in some kind of mommy-protective mode, trying to protect her from anybody that could possibly hurt he.

Fun moment of the week?
Putting our stroller together and finishing all the baby clothes.
People are also getting reallllly excited! I think almost every single person at our church wished us luck and said they're so looking forward to our baby. My family aso keeps calling or messaging to see how we're doing. I just hope it won't take another 5 weeks until we have our baby girl!

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