22 Dec 2013

34 week pregnancy update

How am I feeling?
My energy levels change a lot during the day. The mornings usually are a bit tiring but starting in the late afternoon I'm on fire! Painting walls, washing baby clothes, putting dressers together, cleaning everything, ... I like it because we're getting stuff done! And it makes for a good night's sleep :-)
Nesting definitely has kicked in. Don't let me go grocery shopping on my own, please! I'll come home with 5 packs of coffee, a toilet paper supply for the next half a year and lots and lots of freezable stuff... Did I mention the 6 packs of baby wipes? Yeah...

I luuurrvvve grilled cheese at the moment. When Jeff brought me some earlier today I started squealing with joy and clapping my hands. Yeah...

What's up with these hormones, really?!

Weight gain?
14kg. I just keep gaining weight! Must be the grilled cheese, huh?
At this rate I'll be +20kg by the end of this pregnancy if I don't watch out!

I think she moves enough for me not to worry and not too much for it to hurt too much. Sometimes I find it a bit anoying but most of the time I start talking to our baby girl. I mean, she's awake, I might as well get her used to us being bff's, right?

Fun moment of the week?
Our stroller, car seat and diaper bag came in!
And we put together the dresser in our room that we'll use for baby changes.
And we painted half of our room and it's beautiful! It makes me sooo happy...
Baby girl's room got a serious cleaning (no, I did not get a before-picture because it lookes horrendous...).
I also started washing some of the stuff I'll need to bring to the hospital. The rest will be washed after the Christmas craziness because I suspect my mom and sister of getting our girl some more clothes.
Oh, and I started putting together our sugar beans, the little thank you gift we Belgians give to people that come to visit the baby after she's born.

Did I mention nesting has kicked in? Yeah...

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