20 Nov 2013

Weird days...

Remember last Thursday's post about being thankful? Remember how I said I was thankful for our two bunnies and that I felt a bit silly about being thankful about something so "trivial"?
Well... I'm so happy I wrote that post last week because as of yesterday we only have one bunny left.

We don't know what happened but the light brown one (her name was Flappie) just died in the middle of the night.  The other one (I'm so happy he didn't die because he's my first bunny and I'm way more attached to him!) is still searching and moarning for his little friend, it's so so sad...

I cried for half of the day, thought I felt better around noon and went to run some errands.
When I was standing at the checkout I got a text and I thought it was Jeff wanting me to get something else from the shop. I figured "he's too late, I'm already at the checkout so I'll check the text later!".
Good thing I waited!!!

The text was from one of my best friends, announcing the birth of her daughter! I didn't even have to read the text, just seeing who'd sent it made me go into a new bawling session - this time a happy one ofcourse :-)

So yesterday was a crying day, both for sad and happy reasons.
I'm not sure what today is going to be. I was going to visit the new mommy and baby girl today but apparently Jeff and I are both very sick (we both thought we were dying this past night, so weird).

I'm just hoping to get better soon so I can get to meet this brand new little person and dream about our own baby girl on the way!


Daisy said...

Oh I'm am so so sorry to hear about your bunny :(
Never nice to lose a sad.
For some reason pregnancy hormones seem to heighten all our emotions...they did to me anyway.
Congrats to your friend, I hope you feel better soon so you can go and meet her little one.

Daisy said...

Oh, also thanks for leaving a comment on my make up bag post and your concealer tip...might try that one out soon :)

Mrs. Miller said...

My heart breaks for your rabbit who's missing his friend.

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