10 Jul 2013

Two Years of Marriage

Yesterday we had our 2 year anniversary!

When I think of how everything went, I still remember so many things not going according to plan. Our officiant forgot to mention our guest book. I thought something was wrong with the lighting at our venue. I don't like my dress anymore (thank you "Say yes to the Dress" for that one!). We had to wait a little too long on our food. We should have booked our photographer for the entire day, not just for a one hour photoshoot. I could keep on going, really!

One of the moments that went really well, even though we hadn't discussed our first kiss!
I guess we were both relieved we were finally married and could start partying hah!

When I think back of our "big" day right now, I wish we would've done some things different, but I'd still have married my man. Yesterday before falling asleep we talked about some of the fun moments we've had these past two years and we are SO blessed.

We've lived in a big city in an apartment and moved to our house in the countryside. We got our pet bunny and have three chickens. We've been on trips to Tunis, the Netherlands and Paris.

And we've made our own love baby. I'm still overwhelmed but I love it!


Mrs. Miller said...

Happy Anniversary!

Dove of Snow said...

Happy belated anniversary!

Personally from the pics I've seen, I thought your dress was lovely. And even lovelier was you wearing it! You were such a gorgeous bride! :-) I hope you have mostly fond memories of your wedding and of your married life. Sounds like a good life!

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