9 Apr 2013

Veggies all over!

Part of the reason we bought our house is this big garden where our kids can run around and just have fun, while mommy has her own vegetable garden.
The kids are still non-existent (sadly) but yesterday we started on the veggies.When Jeff came home he just wanted to get digging! So we did :)

Our chickens really loved the weeds we pulled out! We have 3 chickens but I think only 2 of them are really laying eggs... We usually have 2 eggs a day

Almost done! (you can see there's a square we didn't do, that's because we already planted some strawberries in the fall!)

We did about 40m² - which is a lot - but we still have to tackle almost 100m²! We're really liking working together in our garden. Maybe tonight we'll plant our fruit trees! We have apples, pears, cherries and peaches. So excitiiing! I also have some flowers to plant so there's enough work for a couple of days, maybe even weeks. Much better than watching TVshows ;)


Tulips said...

Ik vind dat zo frustrerend om in de tuin te werken. We hebben in oktober een heel grote haag geplant, maar voorlopig zien we nog niets... Ik hoop dat het niet allemaal gestorven is. :(

Courtney B said...

So fun! We always talk about our future garden when we buy a home :) My husband will probably spend more time in the garden than I will!

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