9 Nov 2012

My life right now

Dear friends,

You cannot believe how much I'm longing for a nice long day off to just relax and blog!
My life is way too hectic right now... I just want to quit this MA and hide in my bed (and maybe make some babies, that would be nice)!

I've been traveling everyday to my classes. It takes me 2.5 hours to get there and 2.5 hours to get back home. Did I mention that my classes only take 2 hours? Yeah... No wonder I'm feeling unproductive!

Jeff and I at a friend's wedding 
- we didn't mean to both wear purple but I think it's funny!

When I get home we have a quick and usually unhealthy snack (unless my wonderful MIL makes us a wonderful dinner, love her!) and drive to our house. Luckily the house is only a 15 minute drive, and it always makes me sooo happy to see it :)

In between being on the road constantly I managed to find an internship and had some talks with my promotor about my thesis. Oh and don't forget the evening classes I'm taking to become an event planner! I kind of skipped 2 classes (of the 8 we've had so far) because I just couldn't keep my eyes open...

That is my life people! I have barely time to see my bunny or my studybooks! It's awful and I hate it...

Me and my blogging friend Jo from SouthAfrica Meets Belgium!

But I also know that I'll be so proud of myself when I finish this year. It'll be worth it, right?!

My next post will be some updates on our house. I would post them right now but Jeff took the camera with him on his business trip to Cyprus. Aaaah, I could really use a vacation to Cyprus!

How are y'all doing?
I miss blogging, I miss reading your blogs and I miss you guys!
But this is just a season. In a couple of weeks we'll move into our house and make it a home, and then I'll have time :)


Dove of Snow said...

You have been missed so much, dear Evelien! Glad to hear you are still alive and working hard from the sound of it. Stop by my blog sometime, I'm always glad to have you. Hang in there, you can DO This! (as one masters student to another!) I decided on 10 hours this semester, which at my school at least is full time and a half. Needless to say, I am aching for Christmas break.

Rach said...

Oh girl, I can see why you feel like you're on the road all the time! That is such a long way to go just for 2 hours of class! Oh! And super cute pictures! :)

Megan said...

Wow, you poor thing! I can't imagine driving so much just for a 2 hour class! I hope it gets better soon! And your line about making babies made me laugh!!

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