13 Dec 2011

5 months of marriage and PARIS recap!!

5 months ago (last friday) Jeff and I got married! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was lying in my bed with butterflies in my belly, dreaming of my beautiful princess dress and my handsome groom...

But when I look at my husband I also feel like I've known him all my life, that we've been together all my life, living together for ages! But it's just been 5 months :)

We celebrated our day by giving blood! We try to donate blood on a regular basis, but it has an advantage for Jeff: he gets a day off of work!! So we're both pretty happy now, and we feel like we're heroes too!! Saving people with our blood, hoorah!

So to make you guys happy too (especially Joke), here are some pictures of our trip to Paris!

 The view from our own private studio in Jeff's aunt's appartment in one of the better "quartiers" of Paris! It was so quiet and so beautiful there!

 The first day we discovered that Christmas had taken over Paris already...

 Ofcourse we loved that :) 
What's better than Christmas except for Christmas in Paris?? (Or London!!)

On our first night we got tickets from Jeff's aunt to go see a show that's typical of Paris in the Lido. Don't know what that means? Think Moulin Rouge... Maybe slightly more decent... It's kind of a very fancy (and VERY expensive!!) circus in a night club.
If the tickets hadn't been so expensive and if Jeff's aunt hadn't said that we had to go because "This is the real Paris!!", we might not have gone there... 

We did got a nice dinner with champagne though ;)
And there were some great circus acts! One of the best clowns I'd ever seen for example! No pictures aloud there though...

 The next morning we went to go see the Eiffel Tower!
Jeff's aunt had made some reservations for this too, which was awesome because we didn't have to wait in line ;)

 The obligatory Eiffel Tower Kiss Picture :)

 My man standing on the Eiffel Tower, looking a tad bit scared!
It was very high...
I was glad we could come back down haha!

 On our last day we went to the Notre Dame. We even went in and there was a service for the first Advent Sunday. 
We sat on a little bench outside and made little films of ourselves (and the pigeons!). 
We both filmed a 'resolution' that we'll try to achieve in 5 years time :) I won't tell Jeff's resolution, but I promised myself I'd learn to play the piano!

Near the Notre Dame there's a gate with love locks on it... We didn't bring one, we totally stole one!
(I'm sorry if it's your lock!!)

We went to the Louvre again before we left... And yes, that's a Sephora bag in my hand :)
We don't have a Sephora in Belgium so my sweet husband let me choose something!!
I picked the Naked Palette from Urban Decay! Love it :)

And a little something for the way home...
Macarons, mmmm!! We both loved them :)

I hope you enjoyed the little recap!
We're already planning a trip back in februari with some friends. We're going to visit a guy that lived in Ghent but he's moved back to Paris! And Jeff's aunt wanted us to come back soon to go to the theatre or the opera with her! 

Aaaah, life is good :)


Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

LOVE all the pictures, you two look so happy and cute together!!

Joke said...

Oh I love it. Pretty people in a pretty city in pretty pictures. Worth the wait! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

so sweet..congrats and the Paris trip looks amazing!

ericateal said...

Hi, I came across your blog from Mrs.Pancakes blog. I must admit I am sooo jealous as in January it will be 3 years but for my 5th wedding anniversary I've begged my husband to take me to Paris. It looked like you had a blast!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Eek!! Love the pictures!!!!

Vanessa Mercado said...

great blog!!! following you now...

visit my blog..!


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