23 Nov 2011

French week?!

I'm in the busiest week of the year! Presentation in French, writing a press message in French, a 'business' meeting in French, reading a book (yes, in French) in less than a week and answering weird questions... Oh how I love college!
They're trying to kill us! Haha :)

But luckily this weekend we'll have some time for just the two of us... IN PARIS!! (Don't they speak French there?! lol!)
Jeej it's coming closer :) Any more ideas on what we should go to or get as a souvenir?
I'm thinking a painting/sketch, some macarons, lots of pictures!

Oh and for those of you wondering: I'm still training on our crosstrainer!
It's the 16th day we've got this little baby and I've been on it for 9 days!! NINE! That's about every other day! 40 minutes a day!
Jeff jokes that maybe I'll become a sports chick now haha :) But I am VERY proud of myself! Me, the couch potato... I don't know if I lost any weight yet but I do feel better about myself... And that's what counts, isn't it?

What are you guys up to?


Joke said...

Ohhh spannend :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Thanksgiving...enjoy your weekend!

Emily grapes said...

Sounds like a tough week for sure. Chuckled at the 1st picture..even though I guess that's kinda morbid of me. haha

When I was in Paris last year I wanted to buy a scarf from one of those guys on the street but chickened out. So I say, if you see one you like, go for that as a souvenir. We went during the winter and wished we hadn't (we don't take to cold very well) but I'm sure you'll be quite prepared for that. haha

Emily at Amazing Grapes

Tatiana said...

Jealous!!! I dream of Paris and it's just around the corner for you! I hope you have a great time :-)

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Oh how delightful you will be in Paris soon!!! We brought back a mini Eiffel tower (of course). And I bought a pair of boots. They are still in great condition and I wear them all the time. I loved eating at a cafe where you could see the Arch De Triumph where you were sitting, with a little coffee in hand. :)

Dove of Snow said...

Ooooh . . . Paris! How fun! I would love to see your posts about that trip! Hope you had a blast!

As for exercising, I think it's great you're keeping at it! Good job! So proud of you! You have to be glad for the little steps you take toward health, I know!

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