6 Oct 2011

Wedding recap: Pro pictures part 2 of 2

So here are the rest of our professional photorapher's pictures!
I really like them so much, we were so lucky to find Leentje!!

 "Newlyweds in front of their new house"? (I wish!)

 Sweet? Not when you look at the next picture!

Our rings :)

Right after she took this picture, Leentje started to look at how the pictures looked like...
And we both FELL!!
Hahaha :) No worries, Jeff fell first and was able to keep me somewhat standing!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Next up are the ones from our reception party!


Dove of Snow said...

BEAUTIFUL bride and groom and wonderful photos! And I loved the "funny" one when it looks like Jeff is about to peek under your gown! You have NO idea but my hubbs and I have one JUST like that and it's so hysterically cute and funny! We have great expressions in it and everytime anyone sees it they gasp and then laugh and laugh. :) - Rachel

Tulips said...

Jouw kleed was idd ook echt mooi. :)

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