27 Sept 2011

The Liebster award goes to...

When I received my very first award, I was SO so so thrilled!
Someone loved me and wanted to be my friend and show it to the bloggingworld!

So I'm taking some time to spread the love.

What's the Liebster Award?
It's an award that started its way in Germany and it basically means "favourite". You can only give it to your favourite blogs (duuh) but they have to have less than 200 followers! So no big blogs, you're supposed to help highlight the smaller ones!!

My favourites, in no particular order:

1. South Africa Meets Belgium - My Friend Jo(ke)!

One of my real life friends that I've just discovered as a blogger! It's so fun to know all these little details about her life that others don't know!
She's such a funny writer and she takes beautiful pictures.
Jo(ke), when you read this: would you want to take some pictures with me and J. as a lil' photoshoot? Someday?

2. Living Life and Loving It - Tatiana

Tatiana is such a sweet person! She started commenting on my blog and I started reading and commenting on hers... She's still one of my dearest readers and she's so funny!
A must read!

3. Dove of Snow, Learning how to live extraordinarily - Rachel

Rachel writes about the books she reads, her thoughts on life and oh, she makes gorgeous quilts!
If I'll ever have a baby, I know where to go!

4. Something Shiny - Kelly

I like the fun baking projects! It's amazing what the woman can bake...
I haven't een reading her blog very long, but we share a hobby and it makes me happy to just look at all the jummyness :)
Go check her out!

Some of my favourite blogs don't have their followers on their blog so maybe I left some of you girls out! And I've just now realized how many of my favourite blogs are BIG! 1000+ readers? Craziness!

I hope my award-winning bloggers are happy with their award, enjoy your day!!



Heather @ Simple Wives said...

There are a couple there that I've not read before, so I will have to check them out! :)

Joke said...

My first blog award! Yay! Dank u dank u dank u! Zo leuk :)

Ik zou heeeeeel graag eens foto's van jullie trekken. Het probleem is dat het mijn papa zijn (dure) camera is en ik mag die niet altijd gebruiken. Nu de herfst in aantocht is zijn er prachtige scenario's om foto's te trekken dus ik zal het hem voorzichtig eens voorstellen :)

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for including me! That was SO sweet of you, and I'm truly honored.

Tatiana said...

SO sweet of you girly! Thank you!
And your new look is adorable :-)

Dove of Snow said...

I know I am late to say thanks but I have thanked you in my heart! My internet has just been acting cranky and I haven't been able to comment on my own blog's comments from lovely people such as yourself! So I'm going to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH on here! That was so, so sweet of you! My very first Liebster award and I'm so honored! God bless! - Rachel :)

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