13 Sept 2011

Holiday + Liebster award!!

Dear readers,

You may or you may not know that my hubs has 2 weeks off, so I'll have little time to blog...
We got on our bikes and went to Oudenaarde, where Jeff's parents live... It's a 2,5 hour drive by bike, I can only say I was exhausted when we arrived! I almost gave up 2km before we got there but I didn't!
I only had a little yoghurt before we left so I was also very starved haha... Yeah, not so smart of me :)

Anyways, we'll be staying here for 2 weeks while Jeff's parents are on a holiday in Gran Canaria, woohoow!
We have a whole house to ourselves and we're our of the big city life! Lots and lots of nature around here...

In the meanwhile, go check out Kimberley! She gave me an award, which I will pass on when I have some spare time!
I'm so honored for receiving this "Liebster" award!!

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