9 Sept 2011

2 months into our new life! (+ first meet-up with a blogger!)

we're already 2 months married, woohoow!

A sneak peek at the pictures of our photographer :)

Today I have my very first blate (blogger-date as 2 of my favorite bloggers call it!)! It's so exciting!
Well, technically we knew the other person before we found out about our blogs, but we probably never would've become friends if we hadn't! (Joke, I'm already excited! See you soon!)

And we'll see what we can do to keep y'all posted on how our little meet-up went ;)


Kimberly said... reader here. I have to say that I love your dress. Absolutely beautiful.

Megan said...

First of all, you are GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Hope you had fun on your blate!

Tatiana said...

You guys are beautiful! Happy 2 months!

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