1 Jun 2011

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

So Hello again :)
I'm Evelien. I'm 22 years old, almost getting married, studying English and French, living in 4 places at a time, loving my sweetheart Jeff who's going to marry me in just... 38 days?! Wow, time is flying by!

This is us :)

Now, 15 interesting facts about me!

1. I took some classes for becoming a Make-Up Artist, and I love everything make-up-y

2. I'm in the middle of my exams now but I love to do other things then studying ;) (Here in Belgium it's completely different than in the US though... I'm not living on thousands of dollars my parents worked for! It's a lot cheaper here. And I'm planning on succeeding anyways ;))

3. I LOVE surprises! Presents, surprise parties (even though I never had one of those... But I'm sure I would love it!!!)

4. I'm a dog girl, not a cat woman... But I do love both :)

5. I'm trying to read out the Bible this year and it's going pretty good!

6. As I'm reading the Bible, I'm probably also a strong believer in Jesus Christ ;) I don't know about the US, but here it is really really weird if you're a believer... 

7. I love to eat fruits as breakfast but Jeff only buys apples... So when I get back from a weekend at his place, I'm always craving some fruits :)

8. I've lived in a dorm for the last four years. I wont be returning to my parents' home as I'm getting married this summer

9. I'm getting married this summer ;)

10. I've been reading blogs for years. And I still enjoy it!

11. I talk funny to the ones I love most (aka, my dog and my fiancĂ©). They probably think I'm nuts but it's my way of telling them  love them hah!

12. I love to cook and eat. Which is obviously not that good for my weight... But this is who I am and I try to eat moderately ;) At my parents' home we don't eat very healthily so I do have be careful when we're staying there!

13. I always thought I didn't have many friends. Untill somebody opened my eyes and I saw how many precious people love me as one of their best friends... 

14. I call my fiancé almost every night. I miss him even when I'd just seen him an hour ago. He's my best friend.

15. I'm a slacker when it comes to blogging but I do try to do my best.

I hope you girls enjoyed it, haha, I know I did!

1 comment:

Tatiana said...

You guys are so adorable! And your ring is so cute :-)
And yay for getting married SO very soon!

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