4 May 2011

Update: bachelorette party, dress fitting, give aways!

I couldn't sleep last night...
Couldn't sleep as in: I called Jeff to tell him I was SO excited and that it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to sleep.

Why, you ask?
I called the woman from my wedding dress' shop and we made an appointment for my first fitting!!
Whaaa! I'm so so so overly excited :) My heart started to beat really loud when she picked up the phone haha!

And then one other thing: in 2 weeks I'll have my bachelorette party!! I can't wait! My friends keep saying these little things that I just don't understand... And then they start laughing really loud. Yeah. Fun.
But I'm sure they've planned some great things because everybody I ask about it starts giggling and saying: oh, we'll have a blast!
And yes, the party is pretty early because in june I'll have exams until approx. a week before the wedding. And I don't wanna be dead/tired/stressed out at my wedding :)

I even bought a skirt. For my bachelorette party. You wanna call me insane? Go ahead, I'm fine with that!
It's just such an exciting time for me!!!
Pictures will follow :)

Oh and another last thing: friday I'll go to the give-away gifts store to try to find something I like. Last time we were there, J. couldn't be less interested in all the... "stuff"... It's just all the same to him so I didn't even bother to look any further and said I'd do it myself.

So, that's it for the mini-update :)


Tatiana said...

you're going to have a blast at your bachelorette party! You're just a few short months away! Yay!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Have fun with your bachelorette party!! And the fitting, too. So fun! :)

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