1 Apr 2011

Wedding hair do

It's time to start researching my wedding-hairstyle! 
I know what I want but I'm not sure if it'll work on me... My hair is pretty long right now (unless I give in to the urge to cut it all off!) and I've always dreamed of my hair being long on my wedding day :)

This is one picture of how I like it to be. Curls! I don't have natural curls so I'm afraid they'll fall out before the evening is over...The tiara isn't necessary ;)

This picture is almost the same! But yeah, you get the idea of it all :)
J knows me so he knows I'll do something like it. Just like he knew my dress would be white, hah!

One of these days I'll go to my hairdresser to try it out!I can't post a picture though, else J would know how it looks on me :)

I'm sorry if the pictures above are yours, I just have them on my computer and don't remember where I got them! Just let me know if they're yours!


1 comment:

Tatiana said...

I like it! You are going to make a gorgeous bride. I'm so excited for you!

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