28 Apr 2011

Hair trial sneak peek!

And just because I'm so sweet (or maybe it's just because I'm evil - or probably just because I'm sooo overly excited!), here's a little sneak peek of the hair trial I had last week!

The ladies will get the main idea, the gentleman that shouldn't be seeing it, will be puzzled about all that weird hair on top of my head, hahaha!
 I was trying to aim for the whole hair-do, but I clearly missed...
Excuse the bucket: I was aiming for the hair. Really!!

I am SO happy I (well, my daddy) took some nice pictures because even now, only 7 days later, I'm not sure if it really was all that nice. But then I look at the pictures and all the stress just falls off of me :)

Like it??

1 comment:

Tatiana said...

So cute! I'm so glad that you found something you liked, too. I'm excited to see pictures from your wedding day, so I can see the entire package :-)

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